Below: A photo of the shop Ole apprenticed at in the late 1940’s. On the wood stove is the glue that was made in the shop and kept warm all day. The apprentice was expected to arrive at work an hour earlier than the others and start the fire to warm up the glue so that it was ready for the journeymen when they showed up.

Below: Heading out to install a kitchen in the early 1970’s

Above: First starting out in the late 1960’s

Ole’s apprenticeship test piece. Made using hand tools only. Doors, drawer fronts, and top made from solid wood strips glued together, hand-planed to thickness, framed with solid elm, laminated with a beech veneer cross ply and a top elm decorative veneer. Drawers are dovetailed together, and hinges morticed into the door and cabinet.

Above: Ole’s test piece in his home-2024. On top sits a framed picture of his boss.

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